Why Robots* Are The Key to Your Financial Success

After hearing some stories on the news about companies using robots to increase productivity and reduce their workload, I actually ended up buying a few. They’ve worked out so well I plan to buy as many as I can and recommend that you do the same, as they happen to be great at one thing that we can all benefit from… earning money.  Here’s how: 

Picture Rosie from the Jetsons, but instead of cleaning the house this robot goes out into the world finding work and sending all of her paychecks back to you.  When I tell people this, their very logical question is, “How much money can a money-earning robot earn?” After challenging them to repeat their question ten times fast, I explain that these robots come in all makes and models and I actually bought one five years ago for $10,000. Because the little guy has worked his tail off 24 hours a day without bathroom breaks, I’ve already doubled my money without lifting a finger. 

Given their hard working reputation, I could easily turn around and sell him today for close to $20,000, but why would I do that when my robot worker will travel the lands going from job to job while I reap the fruits of his labor, FOREVER? 

And while you might not have heard about these robot workers, they have actually been around for over a hundred years.  In fact, had your great grandfather bought an antique model in 1926 for only $100 and passed it down, it would still be going strong, bettering your bloodline’s finances over the years to the tune of $450,000!

The only thing with robot workers is they aren’t always consistent.  Some years they aren’t able to find as much work as others, and the checks they send home aren’t quite as big.  During those years you start hearing reporters on the news saying things like, “Robot workers are getting lazy!” This of course causes some people to panic and sell their bots at cut-rate prices, while at the same time a few smarter folks view this as an opportunity to buy up more of the moneymaking machines at a discount price.      

Even with the ups and downs of what it costs to buy a robot on any given day, my calculations (and those of many others much smarter than myself) say you can reasonably expect your robot workforce to earn their keep to the tune of 4-10% of their value in any given year.  So I figure if can accumulate a million dollars worth of robot workers, they will generate enough income for me to quit working all together.  Granted a million dollars is a lot of money, but if I direct all the earnings from my meager labor force, they’ll start multiplying like iRabbits, and I’ll be there quicker than you think!

*Ok, ok.  There are no magical money making robot workers, but used as a metaphor for investing, the facts still hold.  Had your great grandfather actually invested $100 in the S&P 500 (a basket of the biggest 500 stocks in the US), it would have grown to $467,300 by the end of 2013; and if you had invested in the same thing 5 years ago, you would have already doubled your money.  While the thought of building a robot workforce to send you $50,000 a year for doing nothing may be absurd, building a portfolio that will do just that is actually quite realistic… So what are you waiting for, get out there and put some robots to work for you so one day you don’t have to!